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Netizens Critiqued T.O.P For Smiling When He Was Expelled From Army Duty

By Siti Fatimah | June 05, 2017 02:52 PM EDT

T.O.P was just kicked out of his army duty for his marijuana scandal and he will have to re-enlist military service again next time. Despite admitting his mistake, T.O.P was caught smiling when he was taken out of the military police division and he was criticized for that.

Netizens pointed out T.O.P pictures which were taken when he was expelled from his army duty. Netizens believed that he showed a slight smile when he was leaving his post in Gangnam. People then criticized him for being inconsiderate to his mistake and they were disappointed to his action, AllKpop reported.

T.O.P was caught up smoking marijuana at his house with a female trainee in October 2016 and he just got expelled from the army. He is positive for using marijuana and he will face trial for illegal drug use. Netizens were upset to T.O.P's smiling and some others thought that he looked like a psychopath when he smiled that way. But some other thought that it was just his normal face and they disagree that he received much critique only because he was smiling.

Despite the pro-contra, T.O.P will have to re-enlist military service again next time and now he has to face the trial for his marijuana use. Previously, T.O.P wrote a hand-written letter to his fans and public to say his apology. He said that he reflected on his action and he was really embarrassed by what he had done, Bigbang Updates reported.

Not only T.O.P, YG Entertainment, and G-Dragon also said their apology for T.O.P's action and they promised that such thing would never happen again in the future. When T.O.P left the police station, reporters were packed up to hear his statement but he gave no words. He directly went to the car with a uniform and a black hat covering his face as he left the station.

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