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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In & Joo Ji Hoon Rumored To Have Broken Up Following Recent Controversy

By Inami | June 07, 2017 04:11 AM EDT

Ga In posted a series of conversation screenshots and confession on her Instagram a few days ago. Many people worried that the issue will eventually lead to a bigger problem. Following recent controversial confession, Ga In now has to face legal issue with the police and risks her relationship with Joo Ji Hoon, whom she called former junkie on her Instagram confession.

The breakup rumor started when a report by Soompi revealed there were speculations among online communities that the two might have broken up. On her Instagram, Ga In wrote she used to date a former junkie and a friend of his boyfriend offered her marijuana to help her cope with her mental issues.

Joo Ji Hoon's agency, KeyEast shared to the media that it's still difficult to confirm anything at the moment, as cited by Allkpop. Mystic Entertainment, Ga In's agency is also tight-lipped about the breakup rumor. The agency revealed it's still trying to unveil the rumor and find a way to handle all the problems involving Ga In.

Ga In's confession about having offered marijuana by Joo Ji Hoon's friend will possibly force her to testify to the police. The drug investigation unit of Seoul Metropolitan Police suggested the screenshots on Ga In's Instagram may be used as evidence in the investigation although the police are still discussing whether or not to call Ga In to testify.

"We have started internal investigations related to Ga In's posts on SNS. However, we have not decided yet to call her to testify. It's not something we can decide ourselves," stated the police.

Meanwhile, Ga In confirmed that she was invited to testify by the police. She initially hesitated to come to the police, considering her mental condition. Ga In then edited her statement saying she agrees to be investigated by the police.

Ga In has been struggling with anxiety disorder for 2 years. She is undergoing treatment and medication. On her recent controversial Instagram posts, Ga In also shuts down rumors about her being pregnant and calls out haters to stop spreading malicious rumors about her.

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