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T.O.P Slowly Regains Consciousness, YG Entertainment Takes The Blame Of T.O.P’s Drug Scandal

By Inami | June 08, 2017 07:19 AM EDT

Amid conflicting reports about T.O.P's recent condition, his mother confirmed that T.O.P has passed his critical condition. According to the statement, T.O.P has regained his consciousness, although it's still early to say that his condition has improved.

Koreaboo reported, T.O.P's mother visited at 1:45 PM. While stepping out of the ICU room, T.O.P's mother rushed out and gave a little detail on T.O.P's condition. "My son's condition has improved a lot, I had eye contact with my son," said T.O.P's mother. When asked if T.O.P recognized him, she said yes while walking in a hurry.

T.O.P has been hospitalized for three days. Previously, there were conflicting reports about T.O.P's condition. Multiple news outlets reported that T.O.P was in a good condition and he had never been in a critical condition. Upon hearing the news, T.O.P's mother expressed her anger and disappointment to the source who had spread the fake news while in fact, T.O.P was unconscious and close to dying, to quote his mother's words.

On June 7, the medical team of Ewha Women's University Mokdong Hospital held a press conference to straighten up conflicting reports that have been circulating around the internet. According to Soompi, T.O.P was suffering unstable breathing due to high levels of carbon dioxide in his blood. It was then revealed that T.O.P overdosed on tranquilizers he's been taking as a part of his medication.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment released an official statement to respond to T.O.P's drug scandal. The label opens its statement by apologizing for the scandal. YG Entertainment proceeds to accept criticism, saying its party will try its best to make sure such scandal will never happen again.

Regarding the marijuana case, T.O.P has been stripped of his military police title. If T.O.P is sentenced to over 18 months of imprisonment, he will more likely to be expelled from the army, and if his condition is unfit, he may have to re-enlist to serve as a social/public service worker. 

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