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'Fight My Way' Received The Best Ratings In Its Time Slot Compared To 'My Sassy Girl' And 'Lookout'

By Siti Fatimah | June 08, 2017 02:20 PM EDT

"Fight My Way" received the best ratings in its time slot on its fifth episode.
KBS 2 TV's new drama "Fight My Way" got the best ratings in its time slot compared to other two dramas. Check it out! (Photo : Getty Images/Frazer Harrison)

KBS 2 TV's new drama "Fight My Way" gets the best ratings in its time slot on Monday and Tuesday airing. The drama received 10.6% ratings for its fifth episode and beating "My Sassy Girl" and "Lookout."

It was a big achievement for the drama since "Fight My Way" started with a little bit low ratings. The drama starring Kim Jo Won and Park Seo Joon started off with 5.4% viewership ratings and it kept on increasing on the following episodes. The drama receives much love from the viewers because each main character started to chase their dreams on its fifth episode, Soompi reported.

Dong Man character who is played by Park Seo Joon started to chase his dream as an MMA fighter and Ae Ra character who is played by Kim Ji Won started to chase her dream as a news reader. "Fight My Way" is a drama about the friendship between Dong Man and Ae Ra and how the two of them start to have the more deep feeling to each other.

Both Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won did their best to promote their new drama "Fight My Way" because they wanted to get a good result of their actings. Previously, the two stars joked around that they will marry if the ratings hit 30%, and if it is below 30%, the other two supporting leads should marry, AllKpop reported.

It was not a serious talk and they just joked around to make people more interested in watching the drama. The story on the recent episode got more interesting because an ex-girlfriend of Dong Man appeared and Ae Ra had a new cute boyfriend. The two best friends kept on bickering to each other and got jealous which made more people want to watch the drama.

The next episode of the drama will be more interesting because there will be more interactions between the two leads to support each other on chasing their dreams. It will be more great news if the drama hits another best ratings in its time slot.

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