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Seven Sweet Smiles From K-Pop Idols That Make You Smile

By Siti Fatimah | June 09, 2017 10:57 AM EDT

Seven idols with the best smiles that make everyone smiles.
Among many idols, seven idols really have sweet smiles that make everyone smiles. Check the list below! (Photo : JYP Entertainment/Website)

Among idols who have beautiful and handsome faces, some have the best eye smiles that will make you want to smile also. Seven idols really catch the attention for having really nice smiles that make everyone's hearts melt.

The first idol with the best smile is GOT7's Mark who is known as the visual of the group among other members. Even each member of GOT7 doesn't deny his charm and he looks really sweet when he smiles. The second one is Red Velvet's Joy who can really bring joy to everyone when she smiles, AllKpop reported.

The third one on the list is Nine Muses' Hyemi who almost cannot open her eyes when she smiles. Her smile is really sweet because she is like showing her pure soul inside her heart. Plus, she has a really fair complexion to make her smile more beautiful and bright. The fourth one is Girls' Generation's Tiffany who can show her sweet smile with her elegant moves.

The fifth one on the list is Girl's Day's Minah who can give sweet eye smile with her chubby cheeks. She is known to have chubby cheeks and combined with her eye smile, she can brighten up the day when she smiles. It was no surprise that Minah was chosen as the top 10 most beautiful and popular K-Pop girl 2016-2017, Spinditty reported.

The sixth one is SHINEE's Onew who can show his eye smile to everyone with his cute handsome face. Among other SHINEE members, he is known as the cute one because of his small eyes and it makes him famous for his smile.

The last one on the list is Highlight's Kikwang who is known as a very handsome idol among others. He can show a really nice smile and makes every girl's heart flutter and fall for him. Kikwang's handsome face is no doubt and he is really like a price when he smiles.

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