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Reasons Why Hwang Chi Yeol's Upcoming Album Is Highly Anticipated

By Siti Fatimah | June 09, 2017 09:15 AM EDT

Hwang Chi Yeol will make a comeback this year and his comeback is anticipated a lot by fans. His upcoming album even sells 100,000 copies in pre-orders which surprise everyone.

Hwang Chi Yeol is not a new name in K-Pop industry even though he started his career a bit late. He was a vocal teacher because finally made his debut as a singer in 2007 with the full album "Five Senses." Some of his students were INFINITE members, Hello Venus members, Lovelyz members, and much more, Soompi reported. He is about to release his new album "Be Ordinary" and it is reported that it sells 100,000 copies in pre-order, AllKpop reported.

The reason behind the huge number of pre-order sales is because the album is about Hwang Chi Yeol's daily routine and experiences. Using the theme Music is Daily, Hwang Chi Yeol even gives some of the photos taken by him on the album that makes it the second reason of the album's success.

In a certain show, Hwang Chi Yeol once said that it was not an easy path for him to be a singer. He even begged his parents' bless to pursuit his career in not-a-young age and finally he made his success to debut as a singer.

Recently, Hwang Chi Yeol did an interview with The Star and he revealed that the songs on his upcoming album will be some sad songs, some upbeat songs, and some dramatic songs, AllKpop reported. He is known for expertise in singing ballads but when fans know the variety of the music genre, they get more excited about his album.

Hwang Chi Yeol never lets go of his dream to be a singer because singing is his passion and even though the path is not easy, he keeps on pushing forward. His talents added by his handsome face and years of experience will make his comeback really special for his fans.

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