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BIGBANG T.O.P. NO Longer In Critical Condition, To Receive Mental Health Treatment Upon Discharge From ICU

By Angie Chui | June 09, 2017 08:06 AM EDT

T.O.P's Philanthropy, A Look at the Charity Work of T.O.P
In light of all the negativity surrounding BIGBANG's T.O.P because of the drug scandal, have a dose of positivity by taking a look at T.O.Ps' charity work. (Photo : YG Entertainment)

After being in critical condition for the past few days, BIGBANG rapper T.O.P. finally regained consciousness and made eye contact with his mother. Doctors at the Ewha University Hospital said that the rapper is also now in a more stable condition and could be transferred out of the ICU.

According to a report by All Kpop, T.O.P's mother yesterday confirmed that her son was able to open his eyes and recognize her. Some sources even said that t T.O.P even asked his mother if she had eaten and asked for some food for himself. Doctors in charge of the BIGBANG rapper's case confirmed that he has regained consciousness and that his heart rate, vital signs, and respiration are now in stable condition. This means that T.O.P. can be released from the intensive care unit.

Even as BIGBANG's T.O.P physical condition is now more stable, the YG artist is not yet completely out of the woods. A hospital claimed that T.O.P. may need psychiatric evaluation and treatment to ensure his mental health going forward.

"According to the results of the examination that were complete after Choi regained consciousness, the doctors believe he will need mental health treatment from now on," the source from the hospital said. Doctors have earlier said that even while T.O.P was being monitored in the intensive care unit, they were already closely coordinating with the neurology and psychiatry departments to determine the course of T.O.P's treatment.

It can be recalled that the BIGBANG rapper was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital on June 5 where it was determined that T.O.P. took an excessive amount of anti-anxiety medication. It is believed that the rapper may have taken the medicine to cope with the stress of the drug charges filed against him before the prosecutor's office. For the past few days, T.O.P. was being closely monitored at the intensive care unit after he suffered from hypoxia and high levels of carbon dioxide due to respiratory failure at the time he was rushed to the hospital.

T.O.P, who was serving his mandatory military enlistment, was dismissed from his police unit a few days before the overdose after he was involved in drug charges for using marijuana. The BIGBANG rapper was found positive of the substance when the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency conducted a hair follicle test on the artist in March. T.O.P and his label YG Entertainment admitted that T.O.P used marijuana last year and apologized for his lapse in judgment. The first trial date for T.O.P's case has been set for June 29, Kpopstarz reported.



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