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K-Pop Songs You Didn't Know Inspire LGBT+ Pride

By Chaeil Lee | June 10, 2017 01:15 PM EDT


It's finally June which means it is Pride month in the U.S.A! If you don't know, Pride is the time to celebrate the rights and support LGBTQIA+ groups around the world with parades, festivals and more. Check out these K-Pop songs that will definitely get you in the mood to celebrate your pride!

GLAM - "Party XXO"

If you think of K-Pop and LGBTQIA+ at the same time then there is no doubt that GLAM's "Party XXO" will come to mind. This song is basically the anthem of K-Pop fans who identify!

Girls' Generation - "Love & Girls"

Girls' Generation show their love for girls as they parade around happily in their Japanese MV. If you look closely, you can see the country's popular lady boys and moe boys in the background as well!

SISTAR - "One More Day"

SISTAR completely shocked us all when they released their MV for "One More Day." It is dark and moody as it depicts a complicated lesbian relationship that involves murder in the end.

Planet Shiver & Crush - "Rainbow"

"Rainbow" is a beautiful song that features hit singer Crush. It depicts the struggles of people with disabilities, disease, different races, stereotypes and even homosexuality. In the end, it shows that we can all overcome the obstacles and be happy together!

Harisu - "Reaction"

No one can forget Harisu, Korea's first transgender idol! Harisu sings about the chemical romance, or "Reaction," when you find love on the dance floor.

BESTie - "Excuse Me"

BESTie make gay-okay with their promiscuous themed MV. The girls find a set of glasses that reveal men's true intentions... and that they are gay!

Girl's Day - "Female President"

Girl's Day's "Female President" sparked some hot gossip, and not because of their women empowering lyrics, but due to the sensual kiss scenes.

CHEETAH - "My Number"

CHEETAH is a rough and tough girl with a tomboyish exterior and in-your-face attitude! Her MV "My Number" showcases her fierce attitude and love of drag queen backup dancers.

Baby Soul & Yoo Jia - "She's A Flirt"

Now a member of Lovelyz, Baby Soul and Yoo Jia discuss the complications of a lesbian relationship and how strong their feelings are for each other in this mellow and chill MV.

K.Will - "Please Don't"

You can't mention LGBTQIA+ pride-oriented K-Pop MVs without mentioning K-will's "Please Don't." This MV shocked us all when K.will appears to be in love with the bride but actually has feelings for the groom.

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