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SISTAR's Bora Signs With Hook Entertainment, Idol to Use Her Real Name 'Yoon Bora'

By Eddwyn A. | June 15, 2017 01:35 PM EDT

On Tuesday, June 13, Bora's (center) new agency Hook Entertainment revealed that the former SISTAR member has already signed with them, and will be using her real name "Yoon Bora". (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images)

Bora has just signed up with a new agency! The former SISTAR member's new agency, Hook Entertainment, revealed the news on Tuesday, June 13.

Fourteen days after SISTAR's disbandment, former member Bora has finally signed up with a new agency. Bora has signed on with Hook Entertainment.

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A statement was then released by Hook Entertainment on Tuesday, June 13 on various media outlets in Korea. And, according to the label's statement, the former SISTAR member will now be using "Yoon Bora" as her new stage name.

"We plan on wholly supporting Yoon Bora as an actress, a variety personality, and even as a performer who may stand on stage again," said the agency. "We will not withhold any aid so that Yoon Bora, who has proved herself as an entertainer with a bright and healthy energy who can make people happy, can showcase her charms tenfold."

Also, the former SISTAR member has recently finished filming for a movie. The movie, with the working title "Sunkist Family" is currently undergoing post-production.

SISTAR disbanded after 7 years in the music industry. Their final track "Lonely" was released on May 31 and was shot in Macau.

SISTAR's disbandment was because of their leader, Hyorin. According to a Starship Entertainment insider, Hyorin strongly desired to follow a solo career.

The agency insider stated that Hyorin's desire to work solo came after her tour in South America, which proved to be a success for the SISTAR leader. According to the insider, members Soyou, Bora, and Dasom tried to convince Hyorin to stay.

However, Hyorin stood her ground and pushed with her decision to follow a solo career. With this, the rest of SISTAR decided to disband.

"Honestly, there were no conflicts within our agency, nor were there any troubles among the members," said the agency insider. "SISTAR members happily promoted for 7 years without any problems, so we decided to support their individual futures."

Congratulations though, Bora! As always, stay tuned to KpopStarz for more K-pop news!

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