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K-Pop's Absolute Worst Debut Stages

By Chaeil Lee | June 19, 2017 01:55 AM EDT

K-Pop is filled with a variety of concepts, stages, and songs thanks to the various groups hitting the stage! However, it wasn't always so great as some groups had rather unfortunate debut stages. Whether it was a terrible song, outfit choices, concept, or everything all together, you won't want to miss these terrible debut stages.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day had me "Tilting My Head" for all the wrong reasons.


There was just so much wrong with U-KISS' "Not Young." The stylist is probably in a grave.

Chi Chi

Chi Chi said "Don't Play Around" but their debut stage was a joke.

Nine Muses

Nine Muses needed to spend a few more years in the training room when they released "No Playboy."


Everyone gossiped about Rainbow's "Gossip Girl" debut, but not in the good way.


Stellar had a lot of hype, but unfortunately, their rocket ship to fame got lost in orbit. "Rocket Girl" was a bust.


There is nothing to celebrate about ZE:A's "Mazeltov."


This girl group's MV wasn't the only poor performance, their debut stage for "I'll Call Ya" was another fail.


These cute girls came out of the blue and went right back into it. Really, "What To Do" about Chocolate?

Block B

Block B was simply the epitome of cliche. Their debut didn't fair well but they somehow managed to find success after all these years.


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