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5 Reasons Why 'Real' Is Being Deemed The 'Worst Movie In K-History'

By Edward Leary | July 01, 2017 03:07 PM EDT

Recently, Sulli and Kim Soo Hyun have been making headlines - but for ALL the wrong reasons. From Sulli's nude scandal to the huge hype behind the film, fans couldn't stop talking about it. However, not that it was revealed to be such a letdown, fans have left various comments as to what makes it so disappointing. Check out the top reasons why 'Real' couldn't meet our expectations.

1. The production quality

 Many fans commented on how poorly filmed the movie was. One netizen even said, "I could film this on my iPhone." Despite the movie having such hype around it, it didn't meet the cinema standards netizens were expecting.

2. The Actors

This was Sulli's first appearance on the big screen - not only as an actress but also as her first solo activity away from f(x). Many fans were expecting Sulli to have trained well, be prepared or really surprise fans with her efforts but it appeared to be for not. Kim Soo Hyun is also highly recognized as being one of Korea's major hit actors but this movie seemed to be unfitting and netizens questions if he was actually forced to film 'Real.'

3. The Plot

Aside from the lineup and poor production quality, fans felt that the plot didn't really make sense or consist of a real story line. This was another reason fans felt the lineup was undeserving of such a poorly made film. It received under 4 stars out of 10.

4. Sulli's Nude Scandal

Sulli, unfortunately, suffered from a huge scandal during her filming off 'Real. Sulli was set to film an explicit scene during the movie and someone had illegally taken photos of her and circulated it throughout various Korean web portals. Now, her nudes are all over sites such as Twitter and other media outlets. The scandal seems to be tarnishing her and the film's image.

5. Netizens Hate Comments

It seems to only get worse for the film 'Real' Netizens left nothing but hate comments only 3 days after the movie's release. The film only saw 150,000 people at the box office so far and netizens have left comments such as, "I quit smoking 5 years ago but this movie made me start smoking again", "This is too much... This can't be a movie", "A movie that needs to pay me to watch it... Time is gold", "The biggest crap of all time." 


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