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5 Groups That Won A Music Program With Their Debut

By Chaeil Lee | July 12, 2017 04:14 PM EDT

Many K-Pop groups have debuted and continued on to successful careers. While their debuts were jaw-dropping, it may have taken some time for them to win an award after their debut - however, there are some legendary rookies who were lucky enough to win an award on a music program for their debut song and stage! Check out these amazing, talented artists that completely wowed us and won an award!

Black Pink

Black Pink won 1st place with their debut song "Whistle" and continue to make hits that win them first place each and every time.


WINNER took home the gold with their debut track "Empty." It was recorded that it only took them 6 days after debut to win the award, making them the fastest award winning K-Pop group, earning 1st in only under a week.


2NE1 made history after being one of the first K-Pop girl groups to win 1st with their debut track, "Fire."


iKON are another group that reached an amazing feat by winning with their debut song "My Type" just 12 days after their debut stage.


CNBLUE were another group to beat out the crowd with their debut track "I'm A Loner." The song had an impressive sound and brought them to the top, despite being a band rather than a typical K-Pop group with a flashy concept.

What other K-Pop groups can you think of that won with their first debut track?

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