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CNBLUE's Yong Hwa's Concept For 'That Girl' Upsets Feminists?

By Edward Leary | July 24, 2017 01:14 PM EDT

Unfortunately, it appears that CNBLUE's talented lead singer Yong Hwa struck a cord of anger with fans over his new song "That Girl." This reason why might leave you in shocking agreement or utter disbelief. 

Yong Hwa's song "That Girl" is a fun, light hearted, pop rock track that features AOMG rapper Loco and contains lots of energy and flirty lyrics. However, some fans felt that the flirty lyrics towards a "girly, girl" wasn't winning over the ladies at all.

Fans criticized the song saying that the lyrics belittled women and reference Korea's typical social hierarchy within gender roles. The strong criticism appeared due to the emphasis on a women's delicate and girly image being better than any other. Listeners felt the lyrics reflected that traditional frame and expectations society and families have put on women, making the pressuring label fun and charming instead of a serious issue.

While the singer hasn't commented on this issue himself, fans have already risen to his defense where as some others rallied against him in agreement with the post against his lyrics saying, "But that is the title," and "People find anything wrong." Lines like, "I wasn't looking for a girl like you," and "You're my type, Girly, Girl" seems to come off as a bit cliche and rude for some.

What do you think of this song's lyrics? Entertaining and suave or rude and crude?

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