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PSY Talks About His Retirement & YG

By Edward Leary | July 24, 2017 06:54 PM EDT

PSY got very personal with IlganSports News as he discussed the time spent with YG, his success with "Gangnam Style" and plans of retirement in a recent interview.

PSY shocked us all as he discussed how YG help saved his career and created the huge turning point in his life. "I had no plans to create 'Gangnam Style' until Yang Hyun Suk convinced me to do it," he admitted.

PSY continued, "I was planning on retiring before releasing 'Gangnam Style.' I thought joining a big company like YG would be a good place for me to receive a regular incentive, just big enough to support my family." 

"Yang Hyun Suk told me, 'Try one more time just for fun. You started this [career] to have fun.'" Couldn't have said it better myself, YG!

Due to that boost in morale, PSY went on to be one international superstar and a big face in the world of K-Pop. He broke records on charts, YouTube and more. Since then, PSY also put out 2 more albums that all hit #1 on numerous charts. His fame and success continue as he recently came back with his newest songs "I LUV IT," and "New Face." He ended the interview saying, "I don't plan on retiring anytime soon now."

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