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Hara Is Under Fire For Uploading This Photo

By Chaeil Lee | July 25, 2017 04:03 PM EDT

Fans are completely shocked by Hara, previous member of KARA. recent actions. The seemingly innocent idol uploaded a photo to her personal Instagram and shocked fans with her caption and more.

Hara uploaded a photo of a hand rolled cigarette on her Instagram on July 25th with the caption reading, "This is tasty. This taste good." After being uploaded on staying on her Instagram for a few minutes, it was immediately deleted after she received a few likes on it. Fans began questioning if it was just a cigarette and flooded the post with comments.

Fans were completely shocked and started showing their disgust in the post immediately. Fans wrote, ""What is this? I don't see the reason why she would delete it immediately if it was just a cigar", "She's an adult so it doesn't matter if she smokes or not but it's weird because she deleted it immediately." Some fans started to speculate if someone hacked her Instagram or uploaded this sort of photo without her permission. So far, it seems less likely.

Fans even started pointing fingers at Sulli, who is known for having a good relationship with Hara and her mischevious behavior on Instagram. Fans wondered if Sulli is starting to have a negative influence on the idol? However, fans quickly suggested in the end that Hara is old enough to make her own decisions and not to blame one idol for another's actions. What do you think of Hara's recent post?

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