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5 Things You Should New About New Girl Group 'Weki Meki'

By Edward Leary | August 15, 2017 09:04 PM EDT

Weki Meki is a new girl group that debuted on August 8th and are receiving more attention and popularity than anyone could have anticipated with their hit MVs "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" and "WTF." Check out 5 facts you should know about this hot new girl group!

1. The Lineup

The groups consist of 8 members. Leader Suyeon, vocalist Elly, lead dancer and center Yoojung, visual Doyeon, rapper Sei, main dancer and vocalist Lua, lead vocal Rina, and maknae Lucy. The eldest member is Suyeon being born in 1997 and the maknae is born in 2002. The other members range between 1999-2000, making them all pretty young.

2. 4 of the members were from 'Produce IOI Season 1'

One reason the girl group is so popular is due to 4 of the members gaining popularity during their time on hit idol-survival show 'Produce IOI.' Members Sei, Doyeon, Yoojung, Elly all participated on the program.

3. Special Appearances

Some of the members appeared in other K-Pop MVs! Member Sei was in ASTRO's "Confession," Yoojung was in ASTRO's "Breathless" and member Doyeon appeared in San E & Raina's "Sugar and Me" MV.

4. The 'WEME' Album

Their album features their two hit songs and 5 other amazing tracks, making it a total of 7 songs! The album actually features lyrics written by member Yoojung. Talk about talent. Check out some of the songs in the video!

5. Their name

Although there hasn't been any official announcements regarding their group name, fans felt the name was simple, charming and easy to remember when searching online. The group's name is said to be pronounced "Weki" like Wikipedia and "Meki" as in Mickey Mouse. The name translates the same in Korean as well.

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