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How Is Onew's Sex Scandal Affecting His Career?

By Edward Leary | August 21, 2017 07:50 PM EDT

Onew's sexual harassment case was never a minor situation but now it seems that the consequences of the woman's claims are bubbling over and causing lots of mayhem for the singer/actor.

It was recently announced, that after a night of drinking and partying with friends in Gangnam, a woman and her boyfriend had reported Onew and made a sexual harassment claim around 7:00 am at the Seoul, Gangnam District Police Station. 

Although the two had withdrawn their claims, the police and judge felt it was necessary to investigate the matter further despite witnesses, club owners and friends stating it was all a misunderstanding.

Because of this sexual harassment case, Onew is suffering career-wise. Alongside losing endorsement deals, Onew was already removed from the cast 'Youth Generation 2' due to the young target audience and family-oriented concept. Now, it has also been reported that various fan sites of the singer have shut down since the claims of his controversy.

Reports stated the following, "On August 20, one of Onew's most popular and long-running fan pages named 'onewsama' announced to its followers, 'CLOSE 2008.08.19 - 2017.08.20. Thank you for enjoying my posts throughout the long 9 years even though they were lacking. Goodbye.'" 

Another site by the name of 'ontherecord_jk' and 'timeto_onew' also shut down its servers.

News about the scandal, alongside the investigation, is still ongoing. Fans, as well as reporters, have speculated that it will continue to negatively harm not only Onew's career but also delay and damage SHINee's future promotions. Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to comment down below your opinions on this scandal.

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