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Fans Spot NU'EST's Ren Spamming G-Dragon on Instagram

By Edward Leary | August 22, 2017 07:40 PM EDT

Ah, love is in the air- at least on Instagram. Fans had noticed that NU'EST's Ren was spamming G-Dragon's Instagram live story with something cute and charming.

During the live video, G-Dragon can be seen relaxing and chatting around 4am KST for over an hour. During the live stream, fans had noticed another idol who was watching and spamming the video with hearts! You guessed it - it was Ren!

Fans had started to notice and comment on G-Dragon's video saying, "What is Choi Min Ki (Ren's real name) doing there?" Perhaps he has a boy crush on G-Dragon? Check out the video down below!


G-Dragon mentioned in the video that, "To be honest, I was actually in the middle of drinking so this may seem a bit random; I'm just really lonely these days...Approximately 60,000 people tuned into G-Dragon's live stream, during which he mentioned Big Bang's 11th anniversary, his solo world tour, and more." He added sometime in, "I'm quite sober right now. I'm just going through a lot at the moment." 

Perhaps Ren was showing his support for the singer? Either way. we are sure G-Dragon appreciated the gesture!

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