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Idols Using Snapchat Filters That Will Make You Laugh, Swoon & More

By Edward Leary | August 24, 2017 07:27 PM EDT

We all love it when our best friends send us cute, funny and whacky snaps - but how about when a K-Pop idol does it? Check out these K-Pop idols who made us feel all the emotions possible with their filtered posts!


Hwasa got a little crazy with the face swap feature!


Forget the dog ears, every idol doing the cutesy otter filter knows where it's at!

Popping Eyes

Jessica knows we would all make that same expression if we saw her in person!

Hungry Bear

Kim Taehyun is just a cute, hungry bear on your Snapchat!


Ever wonder what idols were made of? Yup, it's rainbows.

Puppy Ears

OK, Youngjae - you are the only one who can get away with doing the dog ears and not be basic!

Tears of Joy

I'm sure we fans cry more when we see idols!

Wild Animals

When you look back at our MyStory and forgot how wild your night was!

Which K-Pop idol Snapchat is your favorite?

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