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Is G-Friend's Strict Diet The Cause of Yuju's Hospital Visit?

By Chaeil Lee | August 28, 2017 06:59 PM EDT

A fan meeting with G-Friend didn't go exactly as planned when member Yuju suddenly felt sick and was immediately rushed to the hospital during the middle of the event.

During the event, the idol had claimed she felt severe stomach pains during the event. She was then stopped from continuing on with the fan meeting and immediately sent to the hospital to diagnose the issue. A photo was released of her collapsing during the fan event. 

G-Friend had revealed their strict diets earlier this month on an episode of 'Hello' saying, "We were prohibited to eat rice for an entire year after our official debut." Umji even described a more extreme incident saying, "We were starving, so we ate 10 sweet potatoes in one sitting," which had fans speculating that was the cause of her suffering.

Their agency Source Music came forward to fans about the situation saying, "Hello, this is Source Music. During a fan signing session, Yuju was rushed to the hospital as she experienced a sudden pain in the abdominal region. After a detailed examination, she was diagnosed with acute enteritis. It was decided that the result of the doctor's diagnosis would not be a problem and after receiving prescribed medication, she has returned home. We would like to apologize to all the fans who were present at the meeting for making them worried. Thank you very much."

Hopefully, the lovely idol will have a speedy recovery. Stay tuned for more updates.

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