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How Are Companies Using Security To Protect Idols Today?

By Chaeil Lee | August 28, 2017 07:13 PM EDT

With the recent news of fans and sasaeng fans getting out of control in Korea, security teams, alongside entertainment, companies are taking extra measurements and precautions in order to prevent future incidents.

Ever since the recent issues with Wanna One and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation being sexually harassed, guards are now creating human shields and surrounding idols! This new method has caught the attention of many and a photo of popular YG boy group WINNER and their body guards doing it has spread like wild fire across the internet.

However, they are not the first group to be seen doing it! B.A.P used the same method back in 2013 and even groups like BTS and Seventeen were seen doing the same in order to protect themselves. 

With idols' safety and concern at an all time high, fans are quite relieved to see entertainment companies finally stepping in and taking action to prevent any further incidents. Some fans stated their ideas about this new method saying, "Not clever, but it will do for now," and "No one can touch idols this way hehe."

How do you feel about this new innovative way of keeping idols safe? Should guards be more aggressive or should fans learn to back down? Share your thoughts down below. In the end, it is better than managers hitting fans.

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