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What Embarrassing Secret Does Block B's Zico Expose About Member P.O?

By Chaeil Lee | September 01, 2017 09:39 PM EDT

It seems Block B's Zico can't keep a secret! During the September 1st episode of 'Insolent Housemate,' Zico decided it was the perfect time to reveal P.O's biggest secret!

During the episode, Dara (previous member of 2NE1) had also made a special guest appearance and attended a Hip-hop EDM festival with Block B's P.O. The idols went to greet Zico who was one of the acts at the event - but things may have gotten a bit awkward among the idols.

After exchange rather odd greetings, Zico suddenly revealed P.O's crush and the huge admiration he has for Dara. To P.O's embarrassment, Zico said, "He used to like you a lot before debut. He even wore your character socks."

However, Dara acted natural and defused the situation like a pro saying, "I'm aware of P.O's deep admiration and feel we are very close now." P.O already admitted to Dara that she is his ideal type in the past and their chemistry has only been growing since then! Who knows, maybe Dara has a crush on you, P.O!

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