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VIXX's Leo Suffers From Internal Bleeding - Still Performs On Stage With IV In Arm

By Edward Leary | September 18, 2017 08:26 AM EDT

Fans of VIXX have been saddened by the news of popular singer Leo suffering from abdominal pains. On September 13th, it was reported Leo was rushed to the hospital after being unable to perform due to severe stomach pains.

Unfortunately, Leo was not able to continue his schedule that day or activities in his sub-unit, LR, with member Ravi. Ultimately, it was reported on September 14th that Leo was diagnosed with severe hemorrhoids. However, despite the pain, the idol was recently seen still performing "Whisper" - and with an IV drip attached to his arm!

As viewers can see in the performance above, Leo was unable to participate in the group's choreography alongside Ravi but he pulled through by looking refined and unphased by his injuries. He sat corner stage and sing his parts effortlessly.

Netizens commented on his fearless by stating he is a pure example of a professional performer. Fans left messages saying, "I'm so happy he kept his promise to perform," and "I hope he takes a long rest after this performance." Let's hope Leo recovers soon and we can see a more delightful stage next week. Don't forget to check out the sub-unit's new MV "Whisper" down below.

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