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What Challenges Did BTS Face While Preparing DNA

By Le | September 18, 2017 10:34 PM EDT

AS expected, every group faces a new challenge when they are preparing and promoting a new song. While BTS stayed busy preparing for their new album release, 'Love Yourself: Her,' the boys shared that there was one thing they found most difficult when working on the project.

During their Naver 'V-Live' Broadcast, the group stated that their choreography for their new release "DNA" was one of the most challenging ones yet! When further questioned about the dance routine, BTS' Rap Monster stated,"How long do I have to keep learning the moves? I'm still learning the choreography for 'DNA'. It's an amazing choreography. It's tough but it's an honor to do it." 

Their banter over the struggles of the choreography continued as Jin added, "It took our choreography hyung 10 sleepless nights to complete it. He said this one was the toughest one ever." V also commented, "We perfected the tough choreography after practicing it for 4 hours but j-hope did it in 10 minutes." He jokingly added, "He sucks..."

While BTS are already known for having some rigorous dances and amazing skills to match, it seems they somehow found a way to keep on improving! Don't forget to watch their new MV down below and be completely amazed by their new dance-machine routine!


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