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IU Changes Things Up With Quirky MV For 'Last Night's Story'

By Chaeil | September 22, 2017 01:04 PM EDT

After teasing fans with her 80's tangerine concept, IU is back on the dance floor with a smooth-groove track that will send you back in time with a relatable storyline.

The MV features a disgruntled IU who talks about the party from last night that didn't end the way she expected it. The lyrics state, "Last night I hated you," and "I was so lonely at the party. I winced when you danced with my friends and not me." The song is definitely fitting for those long nights after clubbing that just turned out to be a bummer instead. Watch IU's emotions transform into a catchy party night down below!

Although the beat is slow at a mid-tempo range, the track conjures up an energy within you and you can't resist tapping along to its steady, rhythmic pace. The song manifests a vintage feel that offers up an enjoyable sound and concept that many artists can't easily replicate. IU attacks the now ever-so-popular 80's genre of music and comebacks successful with "Last Night's Story." Plus, her Audrey Hepburn image is to die for!

"Last Night Story" is the main track for IU's latest digital album 'Flower Bookmark 2', a follow-up to her popular 2014 remake album 'Flower Bookmark'. IU personally picked her own old-school favorites to reinterpret into modern classics. Don't forget to check out her album as well!

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