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Heechul's Advice To Rookie Idols - "I want to live the way I want, but can't' + Reveals Idols' Hardships

By Edward Leary | September 22, 2017 05:34 PM EDT

Heechul of Super Junior decided to get real and open up about the hardships of being an idol on hit TV program 'Idol School.' During this weeks episode, the idol had to give one piece of advice to the rookie participants and these were his choice words.

"Once you make your debut, there will be times when you will lose confidence. It's the same for me as well. I want to live the way I want but I can't." He playfully added, "Like now, I am a person who gets entirely edited out on 'Idol School'." 

Heechul even began to give tips on the more sensitive and touchy topics regarding rumors, malicious comments and negative netizens online. "Once you officially debut, you'll become curious about other's reactions and look yourselves up on the internet." 

Earlier this year, Heechul revealed how he read online comments of a celebrity being gay and realized all the heat was about himself. His advice on the topic to the new rookies was simple: "You will come across comments and trust me, you'll forget the 99 positive responses and focus solely on that one bad rap. As a consequence, you'll become so obsessed with how you perform on stage, and begin to lose yourself. Don't."

Let's hope the girls of 'Idol School' can debut with little problems in their future. What do you think of Heechul's advice to newbies beginning their career? A K-Pop idol's life is never easy.

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