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Yoo Ah In Receives Backlash For Negative Instagram Post About Kim Joo Hyuk's Death

By Chaeil Lee | November 03, 2017 09:01 AM EDT

Yoo Ah In has become a target for negative comments after a post of his via Instagram went viral. The popular actor paid his respects to the late Kim Joo Hyuk but netizens weren't very fond of how he presented his emotions on social media.

As seen on the post, Yoo Ah In simply wrote in English, "We send out our deepest condolences, RIP," (Rest in Peace) with a link and screenshot to the song "Condolence" by Benjamin Clementine. Oddly enough, netizens began criticizing the celebrity by saying his post showed no respect to the late actor. Some even asked, "Why can't you write something nice in our language (Korean) instead of just 'RIP' in English?"

Other comments flooded his post saying rude things such as "You are Korean... not British," and "Would you want this at your funeral?" However, some fans took to Yoo Ah In's side saying this was his method of grieving and showing support. Many fans even questioned the angry netizens by saying, "I'm lost for words~ I mean how else are you supposed to express your sorrows and not get hated on?", 

Yoo Ah In has not responded to any of the hate comments he had received from fans and users on Instagram. It seems he is sticking to his form or grieving and shows no regret for expressing his emotions on social media. What do you think of the reactions towards Yoo Ah In? Was he in the wrong or are netizens being completely unnecessary again?


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