Dolce Gabbana Jail Time: Elite Fashion Designers Face Court With Tax Evasion Charges, 2 Years and 6 Months If Convicted

By Staff Writer | May 30, 2013 07:42 AM EDT

Dolce Gabbana jail time a possibility as the two fashion house heads recently appear in court for tax evasion charges against them.

A Milan prosecutor seeks for Dolce Gabbana jail time of about 2 years and six months after the fashion duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana fail to declare an income worth of 1 billion euros or $1.3 billion to Italian Tax Commission.

The Milan Prosecutor, named Gaetano Ruta told the high court on Wednesday, during the closing arguments, that the fashion geniuses had evaded their tax responsibility and not paying their royalties which amounts to a staggering 416 milllion euros each and further, a 200-million euro tax from their company based in Luxembourg. Because of this, the judge is now seeking for a Dolce Gabbana jail time.

The case started way back 2004 when the Dolce&Gabbana as well as the D&G brands were sold to Gado Srl, which is a holding company created by the two designers, too. The prosecutors were claiming that the holding company was set up so the fashion designers can stay away from their tax responsibilit. And two years ago, a judge threw the tax evasion and fraud case against the A-list designers. However, because the case is now in high court which rules on the objections of the prosecutor, it was claimed that Dolce and Gabbana could be indicted for a tax evasion case, but not for fraud.

 Just this April, Dolce and Gabbana were asked by the court to pay 293 million euros to the Italian Tax Commision as a fine for not paying. However, the pair is considering making an appeal against this court order.

Aside from Dolce Gabbana jail time, the Prosecutor is also suggesting that their board member, their company's finance director and their accountant should also serve prison time if convicted guilty for their parts in the tax evasion scandal.

Dolce&Gabbana, owned by Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana, is one of the leading fashion brands not only in Milan, Italy but all over the world.  The Dolce and Gabbana jail time issue is now creating a big buzz in the world of fashion and media. 

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