JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories: Secret Service Shot One of the Bullets in `Friendly Fire’ in New Docudrama

By Tony Sokol | July 30, 2013 09:10 AM EDT

Kennedy Autopsy
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JFK assassination conspiracy theories have captured the imagination of Americans since the death of the president almost fifty years ago. The latest JFK assassination conspiracy theory suggests that a Secret Service agent fired one of the shots that killed the beloved president. A new docudrama that will be aired on ReelzChannel will explore a scenario where the president’s own protection detail was involved in the JFK assassination.

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ReelzChannel will air "JFK: The Smoking Gun" just a few weeks before the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. "JFK: The Smoking Gun" is based on is based on research by retired Australian police Detective Colin McLaren and the Bonar Menninger’s book "Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK.”

Australian police Detective Colin McLaren sifted through evidence of the Nov. 22, 1963 JFK assassination. The latest JFK assassination conspiracy theories presented in the book is also based on ballistics evidence from a book by Howard Donahue

"JFK: The Smoking Gun" is a two-hour docudrama that will be broadcast on Nov. 3 in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The JFK assassination conspiracy theory put forward by the book suggests that Secret Service agent George Hickey, who is dead, fired one of the bullets that hit the president. George Hickey was riding in the car behind Kennedy's limo in the motorcade on the trip of Dealey Plaza.
Retired Australian police Detective Colin McLaren told the Television Critics Association "What we're saying is that we believe it was a tragic accident in the heat of that moment."

McLaren theorizes that after Lee Harvey Oswald fired the first shot, George Hickey tried to fire back with his Secret Service-issued rifle. McLaren suggest that because Hickey had little experience with the weapon and because the car lurched forward in the confusion that the shot went wrong and accidentally hit the president in the neck. The JFK assassination conspiracy about the Secret Service agent does not say that Hickey’s bullet inflicted that fatally wounded the president.

McLaren is quick to point out that the shot was an error and not part of a larger plot. McLaren said, "We don't suggest that he was in any way involved in a conspiracy."

The official report on the investigation of the JFK assassination, The Warren Commission, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. A Congressional committee convened decades later inspired by the Oliver Stone film “JFK” found evidence that a conspiracy probably existed.

This is the second John F. Kennedy program to run on ReelzChannel. The cable channel aired the miniseries “The Kennedys” in 2011 after the History Channel dropped it because the real-life Kennedy family was unhappy about the film.

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