Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Blade Runner Not Needed Says Paralympics President, Athlete Receives Support From Thousands Of Fans

By Staff Writer | July 31, 2013 01:45 PM EDT

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Blade Runner Not Needed Says Paralympics President, Athlete Receives Support From Thousands Of Fans
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Oscar Pistorius’s trial date is now on a countdown as his August 19 trial is being watched closely, both by his fans and detractors. Probably because of the attention the double-amputee Paralympian has received for an unfortunate event, Sir Philip Craven of the International Paralympic Committee told U.K.’s the Daily Telegraph that the movement no longer needs Pistorius.

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The athlete called the Blade Runner was once widely regarded as the global icon of the organization.

The South African athlete, who was the first double-amputee to participate in the able-bodied Olympics, is accused by State prosecutors of South Africa of shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February.

He has since protested his innocence saying that it was an accident. A long and complex trial is expected from the event, noted Gareth Davies of the Daily Telegraph, and Oscar Pistorius’s involvement in the case had caused him to not be able to compete at the IPC World Championship in Lyon last week.

Oscar’s lawyers had obtained permission from South African authorities in May to have access to his passport so he could travel and compete. If Pistorius had been selected by the South African PC to compete in Lyon, the Daily Telegraph believes that the Paralympic sports body would not have blocked him.

“We have, of course, kept in contact with the South African Paralympic Committee on this issue and there’s never been contact with regards to Oscar Pistorius competing here [in Lyon],” according to Sir Philip, reported the Telegraph.

“Before 2012 I had always said that Oscar is a fantastic athlete but there were 4,200 fantastic athletes going to London and I predicted that there would be many athletes’ names on the tips of peoples’ tongues once London had started. Look at the case now. We are not an organisation with one name, we have so many great stars."

“Look at the rivalries in Lyon, take for example the one between Jonnie Peacock and Richard Browne in the 100 metres. It’s as intense as anything you will see in any sport anywhere in the world. That started in London, it’s continuing in Lyon, and will continue through to Rio 2016 and beyond.”

The Paralympic committee head, however, said that London gave the organization a movement with a major platform to build upon.
“London was amazing, and we have been enjoying the growth as a result, in so many areas – athletes more recognised, a new group of global stars, but there is always more work to do. It is an evolution.”

Thousands Show Support To Blade Runner As Trial Nears

Oscar Pistorius’s trial date on August 19, 2013 is less than a month away, and thousands of the athlete's fans have poured out their support for the man called Blade Runner, according to South Africa’s The Citizen.

“I believe Pistorius. He is a winner, a hero, a source of inspiration to many. I am absolutely sure this is a terrible mistake. God will not abandon him,” wrote Andre from Sao Paulo, Brazil who is an avid supporter of Oscar.

It is only one of thousands of messages of support that have been streaming in from across the world as the double-amputee athlete prepares to appear in court less than a month from now.

“I can speak of many musician friends and we are right behind him and do not allow the media frenzy and weirdos to intervene,” wrote South African pianist, Martin Lane.

There is a group of dedicated supporters from as a far as Sweden and Spain who have created a blog called “Support for Oscar Pistorius,” the goal of which is give people the platform to express their support for the champion Paralympian.

“Suppor for Oscar Pistorius” was created last June and allows people all over the world to post messages, photos and even poems expressing their support for Oscar.

Mira Teuber, a Germany-based supporter and one of the founders of the site said that the “idea for the blog is to show him that there is significant support, compassion, faith and belief in him.”

“It also serves a channel for others to show their own messages of empathy and support.”

According to Teuber, the blog has so far received more than 19,000 views from 67 countries in less than a month.


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