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Kim Hyun Joong Is Not Only Ditzy…?

By Staff Writer | August 29, 2013 08:55 AM EDT

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong shows off a different side to him than just his usual 4D charm.

On a recent episode of KBS 2TV "Our Neighborhood Sports and Arts," Kim Hyun Joong showed off a completely different side by proving that he is in fact a sports man. He surprised everyone with his training in what the national athletes dub as a hell room, the "Laurel Wreath."

Amidst training, Kim Hyun Joong showed off a tenacity never seen before. When the members were sent into Taereung Athlete Village, which offers extremely rigorous training, Kim Hyun Joong remarked, "I came to play badminton. What is this?" and couldn't hide his surprise. Although he failed the task of pulling 100 elastic ropes, he showed his tenacity when he succeeded doing the pull-ups.

In response to national champion and coach Kim Hak Kyun's claim of having 32 years of badminton experience, Kim Hyun Joong replied, "I have 2 minutes of badminton experience." Even with just his 2 minutes of experience, Kim Hyun Joong shined his athletic skills to the others.

In only 2 minutes of grabbing a racket, Kim Hyun Joong received a lesson in badminton from coach Kim Hak Kyun. He then went on to return the shuttle cock over the net with the "tok tok serve" and showed off lightning speed in the rotation training. He also brought laughter to the set with his quick and resilient yet goofy body movements as he fumbled after the shuttle cock.

Coach Kim Hak Kyun praised Kim Hyun Joong for consistently training with a serious attitude, saying, "I think that Kim Hyun Joong, despite having just started playing badminton, was the most diligent player today."

Although Kim Hyun Joong trained for a short time, he worked hard and moved about, even to the point of being drenched in sweat. Not only that, he was able to bring laughter to the viewers amidst the difficult training.

The cast members of "Our Neighborhood Sports and Arts" trained hard with the national athletes at Taereung Athlete Village, and the episode boasted a viewership of 8.3% (according to Nielsen Korea), and the number 1 viewership rating of that time slot. In next week's episode, the members will go head to head in a badminton battle against "Jeonnam Hwasun."

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