Big Sean 'Fire' Video With Miley Cyrus, The State Of Detroit, And Meeting Girlfriend Naya Rivera On Twitter [Video]

By Staff Writer | September 27, 2013 04:04 AM EDT

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Big Sean appeared on the "Wendy Williams Show" to talk about his "Fire" video with Miley Cyrus, the state of his hometown Detroit, and how he met his "Glee" girlfriend Naya Rivera.

Being the blunt interviewer that Williams is, she had to ask the rapper why he would have Cyrus star in the video for his single "Fire" off his "Hall Of Fame" album.

"For me it wasn't an obsession. It was like, me and her are cool," Big Sean explained. "I played her my whole album and she was like 'I want to be apart of it somehow.' We came up with the concept of her being in the video - her being a metaphor really for not just women who been through something and made it through their own fire, but for people who came out strong."

He hopes that songs of his new album, like "Fire," will speak out to his hometown of Detroit.

"It is a city that needs inspiration, ya feel me. We're talking about a place that was the whole backbone of the nation and economy. Now it is the most broke..they filed bankrupcy and its crazy because I never seen vacant blocks before," said Big Sean. "I never seen abandon blocks. Not just like one house, but a whole block of houses and like when i was in high school one of my best friends got raped while walking to school. You know how they shorten the hours of the police station in a city that needs the police more than everybody. I did an album, hopefully they can find it an inspiration how I came up and manifested the things that I wanted."

Lastly, the "Control" artist opened up about how he became romantically involved with "Glee" actress Naya Rivera.

"It's definitely like a classic fairytale. It started on Twitter. She saw me in a GQ magazine spread and she was like 'damn this what Big Sean looks like'," he told Williams. "So her friends amped her up and was like 'you should follow him on Twitter' so she followed me and the rest is history."

To get the story in it's full version, check out the clip below.

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