The K-pop Underdogs: 2NE1 Minzy and Girl Group GLAM

By Staff Writer | November 11, 2013 06:52 PM EST

Because of the number of acts that debut in Kpop a month, it's difficult to keep track of each one. Although there are artists who we already know and love, there are still the idols who have come into the big screen with a lot to offer, but they have yet to become a household name.

One of the idols who fall under this category is Minzy of 2NE1. This female quartet is anything but an underdog seeing as their success surpasses international waters. However, Minzy as an individual has still not been recognized much despite showing time and time again that she has every bit of right to the title of a household name as everyone else. This girl can dance, sing, and she has the appeal that gains her fanboys left and right, but she hasn't done any solo promotions just yet. Which makes fans curious as to what she can do if she ever does. It's supposed to be inevitable at this point now, isn't it? YG's artists are known to go through the solo path at least once in their career. And since all of the 2NE1 and Big Bang members have done so, it's high time that Minzy gets a taste of the solo spotlight.

As a group, I think GLAM is one of the most underrated Kpop groups to date. They haven't been promoting recently, but their debut is one of the most clever and memorable ones in Kpop history. GLAM debuted as a five member girl group namely Jiyeon, Zinni, Trinity, Dahee, and Miso on July 2012 under Big Hit Entertainment. Prior to their debut, they have collaborated with 2AM and Lee Hyun. Their first promotion was centered around Party (XXO), a song that delivers a positive message for the LGBTQ community.

Around December 24 of the same year, Trinity left the band for personal reasons, and then the girls went on to release their next track, I Like That.Followed by their latest promotion to date on March 2013 In Front of the Mirror.

These girls are full proof when it comes to talent and catchy songs. They also represent individual images, each member more than capable of flourishing their images while still staying within the entire image of the group. They're definitely a group that you should chek out!

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