Rob Lowe’s ‘Killing Kennedy’ Docudrama On NatGeo Drew Record Breaking Ratings, Actors Says He Put His All In JFK Role

By Staff Writer | November 12, 2013 11:09 PM EST

Rob Lowe’s “Killing Kennedy” on the National Geographics was a monumental hit as it gave the network its highest total viewership ever, with an average of 3.4 million tuning in, according to Nielsen.

The movie was based on the bestselling book of the same title by FOX News host Bill O’Reilly and historian Martin Dugard, reported the LA Times. The release of the film coincided with the 50th anniversary of the young president’s death last month.

According to Access Hollywood, Rob Lowe had to put his all into playing the part of President Kennedy in “Killing Kennedy” from National Geographic, speaking with the actor prior to the release of the film. The determined actor had to get the late leader’s accent right and many other aspects that defined him as the lovable man that he was.

What was the secret behind accomplishing this incredible feat? Lowe in an interview with Billy Bush told Access Hollywood that he had to spend numerous hours listening to the late leader’s private phone calls, dictations, speeches and then go about looking for any idiosyncrasies in the speech. Finally when the actor gets onto the set, he then has to absolutely forget that he is doing an accent so that it comes naturally. He stated that it cannot be about the accent but the human touchstones that bring out the similarities in all of us.

Rob further told Access Hollywood that he really wanted to give the role all the respect it deserved because he admired JFK among many other reasons he explained to B. Bush. He is related to the Kennedy family and knows what the legacy means so he wanted to make sure he treated it with respect. He also wanted to make sure that it was historically accurate. Since it is the 50th anniversary of the late leader’s murder, Lowe felt that America needs to revisit the story as there are already 2 generations today that don’t know the impact losing him dealt on the nation. It will be a good reminder of the first collective live television national grieving occurrence.

According to Access Hollywood, Lowe also remarked that working with “Once Upon a Time’s” Ginnifer Goodwin on set as she played the first lady – Jackie Kennedy got him very emotional. Looking at her clad in the iconic pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat Dallas style would transport him to that sad day in American history. He would be on the set and feel like he was actually talking to Jackie Kennedy herself. The first time he met Ginny, Rob was in the middle of a makeup test. She had already begun shooting and was dressed up for the role with blood on the suit. The sight was enough to make him turn away as his eyes welled up from the powerful image that is still alive in his memory.

“Killing Kennedy” premiered on the National Geographic Channel last November 10.

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