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"The Moon that Embraces the Sun' Behind the Scenes Photos!

March 03, 2012 09:30 PM EST

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January 4th of this year was the day that the first episode of 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' was aired. Right as it was released to the public, it was given the name "National Drama". 

'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' received over 40% viewing rates and created a nation-wide syndrome. The episode that was aired on March 1st received 41.2% viewing rate.

Many photos from behind the scenes were released.

Captions for photos:

1st photo: "We're these kind of people~" Sang Sun Nae and Jung Eun Pyo are caught posing during a break. 

2nd photo: Jung Eun Pyo and Lee Hwon are playing around with their prop. 

3rd photo: Jung Eun Pyo has is arms wide open showing his happiness for stabbing Kim Soo Hyun with the prop knife. Kim Soo Hyun is jokingly acting as if he's dying.

4th photo: "Okay~ good!" Han Ga In during the filming of the drama. Giving a staff member an "Okay" sign 

5th photo: Jung Il Woo and Han Ga In are talking to each other while Han Ga In is wearing a jacket over her traditional hanbok

6th photo: Rehearsing for the kiss scene. The episode that was aired actually left this scene out.

7th photo: Han Ga In and Kim Do Hoon PD. 

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