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Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

By Staff Writer | March 06, 2012 09:02 PM EST

Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

On March 7th, the music video for 'Fantastic Baby' has been released through the official YG Blog, YouTube and etc.

All five of the members are shown wearing some extreme never-before-seen clothing. Out of all the members however, G-Dragon stood out the most as always.

G-Dragon has been sporting the long bangs hairstyle prior to their release of the new album. He had the same hairstyle in 'Blue' music video, commercials, 'Bad Boy' music video and also had the hairstyle during his first world tour opening concert.

Many fans were shocked at G-Dragon's extreme change in style. When photos were first released, most of the people questioned G-Dragon's ability to pull off these extreme fashion statements.

In the music video for 'Fantastic Baby', G-Dragon changed the "No he wouldn't" to a "Yes he did". In the video G-Dragon has yellow, pink, and orange colored hair. G-Dragon however does not look awkward at all but pulls off the hair perfectly.

G-Dragons fans stated, "G-Dragon can seriously pull off anything", "I thought his bangs were the farthest he could go with creativity but I changed my mind after seeing the music video for 'Fantastic Baby'" and etc.

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