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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Reviews, Update: 7-Inch Small Screen Tablet With Innovative ‘Mayday’ 24/7 Support Getting New Updates, Reviewer Says Not The Best Android Tablet

By Staff Writer | March 10, 2014 12:54 PM EDT

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Reviews, Update: 7-Inch Small Screen Tablet With Innovative ‘Mayday’ 24/7 Support Impressive, But Reviewer Says It’s Not The Best Android Tablet
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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX reviews, update: Specs Of the 7-inch small screen tablet from Amazon is impressive enough, but it’s the “Mayday” 24/7 customer service system that seems to make this unit stand out even if some reviewer are unimpressed with the unit.

“Apple has its Genius Bar, but Amazon is bring its version straight to your sofa,” was how Laptop Mag described the Mayday support. Amazon Kindle owners, within 15 minutes of touching the Mayday button in the settings menu of a Kindle Fire HDX tablet, get free video chat 24/7/365 from an Amazon tech agent. You can see the agent but they can’t see you.

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“Mayday is a way to bring tech support from the mall to your living room,” said Peter Larsen, vice president of Kindle product management, as reported by LaptopMag. “And the tech advisors need to be able to draw on the screen so we can actually teach customers how to do it for themselves. Teach them how to fish, so to speak.”

But according to one reviewer from CNN, “The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is a good tablet, but many other Android tablets are better.” The reviewer said that though it’s a great piece of software, it will only be beneficial for those invested in the Amazon ecosystem.

Despite such notions, however, many believed it will sell better compared to the previous version, as Amazon continually refines their hardware products and yearn to make sales –this according to’s Chris Ciaccia.

Amazon was able to make an impressive workout on the 323 pixels per inch (ppi) screen of the new Kindle Fire which is glossy, which actually is the device’s edge against iPad mini which has 163 ppi. There could be a chance however that apple with have its iPad mini facet improved later this month.

Compared with last year’s tablet it is much smoother, browsing and navigating is convenient with its Fire OS 3.0 (which is built on Google’s Android 4.2 operating system). Although it bears the codename Jelly Bean, it replicates Android’s stock operating system. The tablet will be compared to a device performing at a level and capacity priced at $230 through the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz processor.

As the company continues “to sand the edges (of the software) a little bit ahead of shipping to customers” in mid-November, Fire OS will be updated –as per information from Amazon’s spokeswoman.

Although same as last year, watching movies on the device is a device, it may take a little time for the HD to load but the HD this year is true HD. The device lacks the 16:9 aspect ratio that made the experience of watching movies in the letter box format unpleasant.

They lyrics to the song that you are playing are shown through the X-Ray feature for Music. Dolby Digital Plus audio is featured on the Kindle Fire HDX along with its 5.1 multi-channel surround sound which is a plus for those who are fond of watching action movies where sound quality is important. Google’s Nexus 7 and iPad mini is far beyond compare with the Fire HDX.

An addition to its great features is Amazon’s unique Origami cover. Although it took a little longer, Amazon was at least able to catch up to the competition with their provision of cover that folds into a stand in making video watching and web browsing convenient compared to the case released last year.

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