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Xbox One Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Star Wars Trailer? News Of Possible Feature Leaves Gamers Buzzing

By Staff Writer | March 25, 2014 11:53 PM EDT

Kingdom Hearts 3 developer Tetsuya Nomura has flirted with the idea of incorporating Star Wars characters into the game, Playstation Universe reports, leaving many wondering if the highly-anticipated Square Enix game will receive a new release date trailer.

A Kingdom Hearts 3 fan believes the upcoming sequel could show how the main protagonist, Master Xeanhort, persuaded Maleficent to do his evil biddings, reports.

Kingdom Hearts 3's release date may be set for June 2014, Monitoring Crunch reports, bringing hope to gamers awaiting the highly-anticipated game.

A music track from the PS4 and Xbox One video game Kingdom Hearts 3 will be going on sale soon, reports, leaving many gamers wondering if the highly-anticipated game will get a trailer remix with the new tracks.

Square Enix has also released a trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix.

Likewise, the developer posted a survey asking customers to make suggestions for the game's development as its release date approaches.

The survey, which was posted on the official "Kingdom Hearts" Facebook page, asked fans to give their opinions on the past games in the series, reports.

The participants are encouraged to talk about both of the positive and negative aspects of the previous installments, also reports.

Xbox One gamers who have watched Frozen are now calling for Square Enix to add in both Elsa and Anna to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, Monitoring Crunch reports.

"Adding Frozen into Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be much of a problem for Square Enix. This is due to the character model which is on the same wavelength. Thanks to this, re-creating the character is unnecessary," the website writes.

"Frozen is definitely one of Disney's finest works. One fan got so into the film that a video got created suggesting the best Frozen music for Kingdom Hearts 3."

YouTube user BlueNctrn has reimagined the Kingdom Hearts 3's soundtrack and offers some of the best remixes you'll hear of Square Enix's upcoming game, reports, leaving many fans wondering if the developer will consider implementing them into the game.


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