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Little Mix Perrie Edwards And Zayn Malik Wedding Plans: Break Up? One Direction Singer Wants Ceremony With ‘Close Family,’ Girlfriend ‘Keeps Changing Her Mind’

By Sara Guaglione | April 11, 2014 03:07 PM EDT

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik's wedding plans may lead to a break up if the singer's don't start compromising! The Little Mix singer wants a big, glamorous wedding, while the One Direction crooner only wants to invite close family.

According to Heat magazine, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik have started working on their wedding plans but it's causing some friction between the two. Zayn wants a small, low-key ceremony, while his girlfriend wants to go all out.

"If it was up to Zayn, it'd be just the two of them with close family. But Perrie's imagining things on a massive scale: she wants a castle or to hire a private island," a source told the mag. "Perrie keeps changing her mind - one minute she wants a Disney-themed wedding, then a Caribbean one, then an intimate one in the UK. Her mum and friends are putting ideas in her head, showing her videos of huge weddings on YouTube. Zayn lets them get on with it but deep down he'd prefer something a bit more low-key."

"Everything is so busy. Hopefully we will one day be able to sit down together and start making plans," Perrie Edwards said about her upcoming wedding to the One Direction singer, Us Weekly previously reported. "No date at all in mind yet."

Perrie, 20, is confident that she and Zayn, 21, will stay close even when he's on his world tour with One Direction, which launches this spring.

"It's gonna be tough but we always make it work," she said. "Lots of texting and talking. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess."

Edwards also told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Fabulous magazine that their age isn't something she worries about: "My parents were engaged when they were really young and I'm old-school."

"I'm not a typical girl that's partying all the time. I just want to be with someone and let that be it."

But Perrie added: "Everyone's like, 'Have you planned the hen night? Have you planned this and that?'

"But we've been so busy, I I haven't. I don't want to be into it it half-a**ed either. We want to do it properly."

The "Move" singer previously admitted that she's feeling the pressure of wedding planning.

"Oh gosh, yeah," Perrie Edwards said, Now magazine reports. "Well I might be bridezilla to be honest."

"Well, I do need a lot of time to plan but I haven't really planned anything at the minute," Perrie told 107.9 The End.

"For definite, anyway. I'm getting there, I need a lot of time."

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