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Even Stickers Could Not Conceal After School Nana and Lizzy's Beauty

June 05, 2012 05:05 PM EDT

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After School members Nana and Lizzy posted new photos.

Lizzy posted on her Twitter on June 4 "We live like this in Japan,” along with a photo.

In the revealed photo, Lizzy and Nana are standing together in front of the camera while smiling brightly. The two has stickers all over their faces, but it wasn't enough to conceal their beauty. In the back Raina can also be seen playing around. Fans were happy to see an update of Orang Cameral after such a long break.

Those who saw the photos commented "They're so cute", "Who did that to you?", and "You make it seem like the stickers are accessories.”

Photo: Lizzy Twitter

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