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‘The Mentalist’ Season 6 Episode 19 Spoilers: Teresa Lisbon Considers Moving To DC; Patrick Jane Giving Up Any Romance?

By Staff Writer | April 25, 2014 11:38 AM EDT

"The Mentalist" season 6, episode 19 spoilers may not be to everyone's taste as Teresa Lisbon is still going to seriously consider moving to D.C. with Agent Pike. Will Patrick Jane finally give up any chance of romance with his partner?

If you want to steer clear of "The Mentalist" season 6, episode 19 spoilers, turn away now.

According to the official summary released by CBS, Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon uncover a huge smuggling ring after a "chance encounter with a suspicious looking individual."

The pair seemed to be just at the right place and time.

But a bigger story that fans are really interested with "The Mentalist" season 6, episode 19 called "Brown Eyed Girls" is the love triangle among Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon and Agent Pike.

It seems Teresa Lisbon is torn between staying and moving in with the agent in D.C.

For six seasons, both Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane have been dancing around the issue at hand even though they clearly have feelings for each other. Then here comes Agent Pike who's offering what Patrick Jane did not-a chance to build a future together, outside of work, and he's also smitten with Lisbon.

According to spoilers this week, "The Mentalist" fans can look forward to a "romantic finale" no matter what is in store for the series' more distant future.

Creator Bruno Heller earlier dropped some "The Mentalist" season 6 nuggets as he told TV Guide that the concluding episode will end not with a bang but with swooning hearts.

The network has not yet renewed the series for season 7 and it's widely believed that this is going to be the last season for the show.

"It's a romantic finale rather than a [suspenseful] finale," he said.

The relationship between Teresa Lisbon and Agent Pike will get even more serious that it will end up with a marriage proposal, added TV Guide. Will Patrick Jane give up or fight for the love of his partner?

More "The Mentalist" season 6, episode 19 spoilers will be dished out once they are available. "Brown Eyed Girls" will air on CBS on April 27.

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