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First Photo Released of After School with New Member Kaeun

June 12, 2012 09:44 AM EDT

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After School's new member Kaeun was first introduced to the public through the group teaser photo released on June 11 for their upcoming song. Kaeun joined the group in April and she is 17 years.

After School's agency, Pledis introduced Kaeun by saying, "Out of all the trainees at Pledis, she has the most powerful dance moves and vocal skills." Also, Kaeun spent her earlier years in Japan so she is fluent in the language.

After School will resume their activities in Korea with their fifth single ‘Flashback’ on June 21. The agency said, "After School will come back with a concept all the fans and the public have been waiting for and wants." In April, After School finished their first live tour concert in Japan with great success, and will be holding an encore concert at Tokyo's Dome City Hall on June 17.

Photo: Pledis Entertainment

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