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Psy to Comeback With Sixth Album Featuring Idol Artists in July

Psy is about to release his 6th album and is busy preparing it.
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Psy to Comeback With Sixth Album Featuring Idol Artists in July
Psy to Comeback With Sixth Album Featuring Idol Artists in July (Photo : .)

Psy is announcing his official album on July.

Psy's agency YG Entertainment revealed that "Psy has been working on his sixth album for 2 years ever since his fifth album with his title song 'Right Now,' and he is close to completing it, and he will announce it on July."

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According to YG Entertainment, Psy has too many candidates for a title song of his sixth album and he was able to decide which yet. Especially he is hesitating to between two different songs that remind of hit song 'Champion' and 'Bird.' Double title songs, or dividing the album into part 1, part 2 is possible also.

In addition, it is known that many great singers also have participated in this album as featuring idol artists raising the anticipation for fans.

Meanwhile, along with his new album, Psy will hold summer concert 'Summer Stand' in August.

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