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After School's Uee Reveals Her Unique Sleep Habits

June 20, 2012 03:46 PM EDT

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After School Uee Reveals Her Unique Sleep Habits / Credit: KBS

After School member Uee revealed her unique sleep habits.

On June 18 broadcast of KBS' "Hello," Uee made her appearance and revealed "I ride in the plane often and when I'm tired, I tend to sleep with my sunglasses off. But I sleep with my eyes half open." Uee admitted that she is concerned about this habit.

Another member of the group, Raina admitted "It doesn't look like she has her eyes open but it literally looks like she has her eyes half open." When Uee tried to replicate the look, E-Young commented, "You need to open them wider."

About Uee's sleeping habits, internet users commented "I think she'll receive a lot of eye masks as gifts," "I'm worried that her eyes will dry out," and "Don't get so stressed."

Photo: KBS

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