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Kim Tae Hee’s Beauty Overshadows Oh Jung Yeon, Honey Lee

June 21, 2012 11:21 AM EDT

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Kim taehee

On the June 19 episode of SBS "Strong Heart," actor Lee Ki Woo talked about Kim Tae Hee's college years. He said, "I was in a ski club at that time and during the winter, ski clubs from every college gathered together. Among the many girls, only one girl stood out. That beauty was Kim Tae Hee. When Kim Tae Hee went grocery shopping, all the guys followed her to the market."

Following Lee Ki Woo's story, the production crew revealed Kim Tae Hee's college photos. The photo was a group picture from her ski club meeting. The problem was that Oh Jung Yeon, a KBS announcer, and Honey Lee, former Miss Korea, were in the photo beside Kim Tae Hee, and yet their faces were censored. Kim Tae Hee, Oh Jung Yeon, and Honey Lee went to the same university and they are still close friends today.

Internet users commented, "I can only see Kim Tae Hee," and "Even an announcer and Miss Korea cannot beat Kim Tae Hee."

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