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Wonder Girls Sohee Tattoo Stockings, 'Shocking Images'

June 21, 2012 03:39 PM EDT

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sohee / Credit: sohee

The 'tattoo stockings' that Wonder Girls Sohee wore are becoming an issue.

On June 20, one recent online community posted pictures under the title, "The drawings on the tattoo stockings.. provocative."

Sohee, for their new song "Like This," comes out wearing stockings that look like tattoos on her legs. They were so realistic-looking that many have been deceived that they're real tattoos. What looked like drawings of people were shocking when viewed close up. There were drawings of a naked mermaid and a topless marine girl. This was a shocking fashion style for Sohee. It may be that Sohee is trying to convey that she is no longer a young girl.

Internet users commented, "I didn't know the drawings were those kinds of drawings", "Who took the time to look into those drawings?" and "I think it's just a mermaid... there's nothing here that should become an issue."

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