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YG Partners With Cheil Industries To Create New Global Business 'Fashion Wave'

June 28, 2012 07:57 AM EDT

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YG Entertainment and Cheil Industries have partnered together to create a global fashion market for a new business concept. On June 28, the two companies met to plan their business.

YG stated, "This new business is going to be built from two different field's of company's that will share ideas and create a meaningful and diverse test project. We want to be able to open in the spring of 2013 and target our audience to those in their teens and 20's. We want to bring them a new brand that will eventually spread out worldwide, creating an international fashion brand."

These two companies have great expectations for this new business. YG Entertainment has been known to have exceptional taste in not only music, but fashion as well. Cheil Industries is also bringing many ideas to the table. Cheil Industries is known for their global relationships with many networks as well as their business know-hows. They plan on creating a style brand that will surpass not just a national culture brand, but a brand that will create a 'fashion wave'.

YG commented, "We believe that with these two companies together, we will be able to create many new ideas. We hope that through this partnership that we are able to show our originality and creativity and produce a brand that will create a "wave" in not only Asia, but all over the world."

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