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Band CNBLUE Receives Much Popularity In China And Makes Appearance On Talk Show, 'Day Day Up'

By Staff Writer | June 26, 2014 02:31 AM EDT

Korean rock group CNBLUE recently made an appearance on a popular Chinese talk show, titled "Day Day Up."

The variety show's official Weibo revealed a teaser video of CNBLUE's involvement in the program.

During the preview, the band's leader, Jung Yong Hwa, mentioned that he and his fellow CNBLUE members would appear on the show 10 more times in the future. Chinese fans were clearly incredibly happy with the statement, as Jung Yong Hwa ranked No. 1 on search engines in China soon after.

The four members of the group introduced themselves in Chinese and performed their hit songs during the opening and closing of the show.

CNBLUE's episode will be aired in two different parts. The first part will air on June 28.

CNBLUE will be holding their "2014 LIVE TOUR 'CAN'T STOP'" concert in China on July 12 and 19 as well as in Taiwan on July 26 and 27.

The idol group performed for 3,500 fans in Busan recently following their concert in Shanghai. This was their first Busan concert in four years.

CNBLUE has been rising in popularity internationally and has even been compared to acts like Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, according to Billboard.

The group held their first East Coast performance at New York's Best Buy Theater on January 21. Before the concert, the members sat down with the music outlet and shared their thoughts on what sets the group apart.

"Most of the K-pop groups are defined by dancing, showmanship and those kinds of things. But because we're a band, we think it's a great quality that all our performances are done live," stated Jung Yong hwa.

The leader of the group also opened up about the continuous comparison between them and various Western acts.

"We're fans of both artists, so it's an honor that people relate us as artists to them. But we hope that one day we'll have our own color and our own sound and people will say, 'Oh, that sounds like CNBLUE,'" stated Yong hwa. 

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