Melon Music Awards – Awards, Performances and Attendance

[Reaction] Melon Music Awards – awards, performances and attendance

Trending News 11.21.16 | 02:47PM EST

A reaction to the Melon Music Awards. Reaction about the awards given, performances that happened and the attendees present.


Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si Hyuk reveals which member motivated him to form BTS

Headlines 11.18.16 | 10:33PM EST

Bang Si Hyuk, the man behind Big Hit Entertainment, talks about BTS success and popularity and reveals which member prompted him to create the group.


Big Hit Entertainment Promises to Take Legal Action Against BTS Haters and Perpetrators of Malicious Rumors

Headlines 11.16.16 | 04:51AM EST

After receiving constant defamatory remarks and abuse from haters and anti-fans, BTS's home agency, Big Hit Entertainment promises to take legal action against the perpetrators of malicious rumors.


BTS V tearfully admits to his grandmother's passing

Trending News 11.14.16 | 10:26PM EST

In a recent fan event held in Seoul, BTS V tearfully reveals his grandmother's recent passing.


BTS V Showcases Hidden Saxophone Skills on the Latest Episode of 'Star Show 360' while Jungkook and J-Hope Dance to I.O.I and Red Velvet

Headlines 11.08.16 | 09:06PM EST

In the latest airing of Star Show 360, BTS's V reveals a hidden talent he hasn't shown anyone before. Also, Jungkook and J-Hope impressively dances to the songs of Red Velvet and I.O.I


BTS Reveals They Still Can't Feel Their Immense Popularity

Headlines 11.05.16 | 01:22AM EDT

Amidst all of the success they have achieved, the boys of BTS reveal that it had taken quite some time before they realize how popular they have gotten.


The Reason Why BTS Won't Be Making a US Debut

Headlines 11.05.16 | 01:01AM EDT

After gaining widespread success for their latest album 'Wing', Big Hit Entertainment explains why the group won't be making a US debut.

Hwarang: The Beginning

New 'Hwarang: The Beginning' Poster is Flower Boy Heaven!

Headlines 11.02.16 | 09:36PM EDT

The cast of 'Hwarang: The Beginning' stuns in the new posters released by KBS2.

Twice Wins 1st Place For 'TT'

Twice breaks BTS’ record for reaching 30 million views plus wins On ‘The Show’ for the first time

Trending News 11.01.16 | 09:44PM EDT

Twice has won number one for "TT" for the firstime on MTV's "The Show". They have also broken BTS' record for Youtube views.


BTS Dominates Billboard's World Album Chart for Second Week, Group Set to Appear on MAMA 2016

Headlines 10.31.16 | 08:19PM EDT

Kpop group BTS stays at no.1 for the second on the Billboard World Album chart as they are announced to perform at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

BTS on their way to Jeju island for an event.

BTS popularity continue to soar in the international level

Hot Issues 10.28.16 | 10:32PM EDT

Popularity of BTS, the Bangtan Boys continue to reach higher level in international stage. The seven-member boy group is the first K-Pop artist who is able to stay in Billboard Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks.


MONSTA X's Kihyun, Wonho, Hyungwon gets involved in a minor car accident

Trending News 10.27.16 | 09:06PM EDT

On their way to Seoul from Busan, Kihyun, Wonho and Hyungwon of MONSTA X gets involved in a minor collision. Starship Entertainment released a statement regarding their safety.

BTS at the backstage before their performance with the new single

BTS music videos to be displayed at Gangnam's COEX Mall; Sets YouTube record

Hot Issues 10.26.16 | 11:05PM EDT

Music video and short film of the boy group BTS will be played on the giant screen at COEX Mall’s Underworld Panorama. Meanwhile the boys made another record YouTube record and perform well in Billboard chart.

BTS Poster

BTS Confirms 3rd Global Fan Meeting with A.R.M.Y. Fan Club

Headlines 10.26.16 | 12:05AM EDT

With the recent success of their latest album WINGS, the boy band announces that they will hold another global fan meeting with their A.R.M.Y. fans.


Did BTS' Jin Get Injured While Performing 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' at One Asia Festival?

Headlines 10.25.16 | 12:06AM EDT

BTS Jin got fans worrying when he appeared to have injured himself while performing at the One Asia Festival together with the rest of BTS as evidenced by his pained expressions during the performance.


BTS' Blood, Sweat and Tears Wins at Music Bank + performances from Shinee, I.O.I., GOT7 and more!

Headlines 10.21.16 | 11:11PM EDT

After winning at Show Champion and M Countdown, Blood Sweat and Tears take third win at Music Bank.


Kpop group BTS thankful to fans after Billboard success, group overtakes Japanese and Chinese charts as well

Trending News 10.19.16 | 11:03PM EDT

After their recent Billboard success, the boys of BTS express their gratitude for their fans.

BTS Wings Album Cover

BTS Breaks K-Pop Records For U.S. Billboard 200 Chart Ranking And Album Sales

Headlines 10.18.16 | 10:11PM EDT

BTS dropped their second full-length album ‘Wings’ on October 10, debuting at No. 26 in the U.S. Billboard 200 chart with 16,000 units sold worldwide. The BTS fervor even extends to Canada as the boy group topped Canadian charts, too.

BTS - 'Wings'

Album Review : BTS - 'Wings'

Reviews 10.11.16 | 06:38AM EDT

A review of BTS' latest album 'Wings'. A personal assesment of each song from BTS' new album.

BTS releases music video

BTS releases Music Video for 'Blood Sweat & Tears' [Watch Video]

Trending News 10.10.16 | 02:32AM EDT

BTS released their newest music video "Blood Sweat & Tears". It has achieved number one spot at various music charts in Korea.

BTS releases music video teaser for Blood, Sweat and Tears.

BTS Releases Teaser Video for Comeback

Trending News 10.07.16 | 05:03AM EDT

BTS released music video teaser for "Blood, Tears & Sweat". After releasing the indivudual short films and teaser pictires, they delighted the fans with the mv teaser.

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