Kwon Sohyun

4minute HyunA & Kwon Sohyun, Lovely Even While Playing 'Peppero Game'

Buzz 09.19.14 | 02:37AM EDT

4minute's members HyunA and Kwon Sohyun tried the 'Peppero game'.

BEAST Yoon Doojoon, Takes On The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' From Lee Young Pyo

Buzz 08.21.14 | 02:02AM EDT

BEAST's member Yoon Doojoon successfully fulfilled the 'ice bucket challenge'.

4minute Kwon Sohyun Snaps A Selfie On Her Way To A Film Festival

Buzz 07.17.14 | 03:11PM EDT

4minute member Kwon Sohun posted a self-photo online.

'Sunken S Korean Ferry' 2PM & 4Minute Send Condolences As Well

Buzz 04.20.14 | 01:02AM EDT

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S Korean Ferry.

4MINUTE’s Still Got It - Taking the Top with "Whatcha Doin' Today"

Headlines 04.08.14 | 04:42AM EDT

It's been six years since these girls promised to show us everything they got in just 4 minutes, but they are still fresh and as dominant as ever.

4Minute at Gimpo International Airport Heading to Japan for Attending Mnet's M!Countdown - April 1, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 04.01.14 | 10:26PM EDT

4Minute at Gimpo International Airport Heading to Japan for Attending Mnet's M!Countdown - April 1, 2014 [PHOTOS]

4Minute for Ceci Magazine

Fashion & Style 03.27.14 | 03:10PM EDT

4Minute for Ceci Magazine

'Comeback' 4minute Sohyun Reveals Her New Pink Hair

Buzz 03.08.14 | 10:21PM EST

Girl group 4minute's member Gwon Sohyun revealed her new hairstyle with their comeback coming up.

4Minute Kwon Sohyun, Snug and Cute in a Hanging Chair

Buzz 02.19.14 | 02:04AM EST

Girl group 4Minute member Sohyun posted a picture showing her cuteness.

New Year Stars Wishes "Happy New Year!" In Traditional Wear

Buzz 02.01.14 | 01:22AM EST

Stars gave personal messages to their fans in celebration of Chinese New Year.

4minute Kwon Sohyun Reveals A Self-Camera

Buzz 06.30.13 | 06:02PM EDT

Girl group 4minute's member Gwon Sohyun revealed a cute self-camera photo.

4minute Nam Jihyun-Kwon Sohyun Pose for ELLE Girl Magazine [PHOTOS]

Fashion & Style 06.26.13 | 10:47AM EDT

4minute Nam Jihyun-Kwon Sohyun Pose for ELLE Girl Magazine [PHOTOS]

4Minute Performance at '2013 Dream Concert' [PHOTOS]

Concert / Performance 05.13.13 | 05:33PM EDT

4Minute Performance at '2013 Dream Concert'

4minute Kwon Sohyun Cute Teaser Revealed for Comeback

Headlines 04.22.13 | 02:20PM EDT

4minute member Kwon Soyhun's teaser video was revealed today.

Jung Hyung Don to 'Gangnam Style' Star HyunA 'Hey, You're Not So Great Either'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.01.13 | 11:21PM EST

4minute's HyunA remained undaunted by comedian Jung Hyung Don's spiteful remarks.

4minute Sohyun-HyunA-Jihyun Picture in Team Uniform, 'Cute 3-Hyun'

Etc 01.29.13 | 11:28AM EST

4minute's member Kwon Sohyun revealed a picture from 'Idol Star Athletic Championship'.

4minute Kwon Sohyun, Self-Camera At Golden Disk

Buzz 01.16.13 | 03:07AM EST

4minute's Kwon Sohyun posted a self-camera photo.

4minute Kwon Sohyun Reveals No Make Up Face

Buzz 12.08.12 | 04:18PM EST

Girl group 4minute member Kwon Sohyun revealed her no make up face.

Why Are Idol Stars Giving Up College?

Hot Issues 10.27.12 | 02:24AM EDT

As the 2013 College Entrance Exams get closer, many idol stars who are still in high school are giving up college.

Sohyun Of 4minute Asks Fans To Wish Jiyoon A Happy Birthday

Buzz 10.14.12 | 07:05PM EDT

The maknae wishes her unnie Ji Yoon a happy birthday, and asks fans to do the same.

4minute Reveals Group Shot, 'Cute Poses'

Buzz 08.17.12 | 02:31PM EDT

Girl group 4minute revealed a group shot, gaining much attention.

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